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10° Drawing Prize of the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation

Over the course of a decade, the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Prize has selected the work of thirty artists.
The Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Paris, will pay tribute to this anniversary next summer, while part of the donation made to the museum continues to travel.
The works of this year’s three shortlisted artists will be shown at the Parisian Salon du Dessin, where the winner will be announced on 23 March.

Florence et Daniel Guerlain (©Marie Ethel Pimpaneau).


Ciprian Muresan

How would you assess these ten years of organizing your Drawing Prize ?

How would you assess these ten years of organizing your Drawing Prize?We feel that we have worked well and accomplished the task that we initially set ourselves, i.e. giving as many people as possible the chance to view drawings as artworks in their own right. It has taken ten years of work in France to be acknowledged by our peers and also to be recognized as collectors. We have done it, and now we must maintain the same level of quality. When we began in 2007, drawing did not enjoy the same status in the art world as today and we have realized, even if we are not the only participants involved, that drawing has become omnipresent and that the market for it has increased considerably.

So you have observed a widespread evolution as regards this medium?

Absolutely. Some artists have devoted themselves to it exclusively. We have always been aware of the fact that drawing plays a paramount role in a work and we are very happy to see that it has regained a privileged position in the arts. We understand how important this initial gesture is and how it can reveal the artist’s personality. However, collectors of ancient drawings, who are faced with the increasing scarcity of what they seek, do not regard the medium in the same way as collectors of contemporary drawings, who always have the possibility of making new discoveries.

Even where artists who have recently died are concerned,if one thinks of Shirley Jaffe or Marwan, since their galleries still have a very large number of works in their possession.

But are there many collectors of contemporary drawings?

We know some in the United States and interest in drawing is growing worldwide, namely in China, Hong Kong and Eastern Europe. On a personal level, our Prize has enabled us to meet artists with whom we were unfamiliar, and thus to enrich our collection, before donating them to the Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Paris.

The tenth anniversary of the Drawing Prize provides an occasion for a new exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, which opens on

14 June 2017 and presents the works of all the thirty nominees...

The museum has indeed organized this event, assembling the works of all the selected artists in the Prints and Drawings Department. This exhibition will run until 11 September 2017 and will present prizewinning works that we have allocated to the Mnam-Centre Pompidou each year, complemented by pieces from our collection or our donation.Nowadays, we continue to purchase drawings, even if we do so a little less compulsively. Our tastes have become more refined and, like most collectors, we now narrow down our choices more. We also allow ourselves to take a look at earlier artists, Etel Adnan, for example, since our eye has also been trained more acutely over this period of ten years…

Text Marie Maertens

Selected Artists

10 ° Design prize of the Contemporary Art Foundation Daniel & Florence Guerlain.
Charles Avery

Charles Avery

Charles Avery was born in 1973 in Oban, Scotland, where he sometimes works, even if he is primarily based in London, after having briefly attended Central Saint Martins.

He has recently had solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival, the GEM (The Hague), the ICA (London) and the Frac Île-de-France. He took part in a group show at the Taipei Biennial in 2014. He won the Prospects Drawing Prize, London, in 2003, and his works are now in the collections of Daniel and Florence Guerlain and the Prints and Drawings Department at the Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Paris.
He is represented by the Pilar Corrias (London), Grimm (Amsterdam) and Ingleby (Edinburgh) galleries.

Ciprian Muresan

Ciprian Muresan

Born in 1977 in Dej, Romania, Ciprian Muresan graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca, where he still lives and works.

He has exhibited at the Secession Building (Vienna), the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (Berlin), the Mnam-Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam), the New Museum (New York) and at the 53rd Venice Biennale.
His works are in the Taylor Collection, the Prints and Drawing Dept. at the Mnam-Centre Pompidou and the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Collection.
He is represented by the Galeria Plan B (Cluj, Berlin), David Nolan (New York) and Éric Hussenot (Paris).

Didier Trenet

Didier Trenet

Didier Trenet was born in 1965 in Beaune (eastern France) and graduated from the Villa Arson, Nice, in 1991. He now lives and works in Trambly, Burgundy.

In 1997, he won the Prix de Rome and was a resident artist at the Villa Medici, Rome. Since the early 1990s, his work has been shown in galleries and museums, like the Cité de la Céramique, Sèvres, as part of “Sèvres Outdoors” (2015), and the 2013 Lyon Biennale. Trenet’s works feature in the collections of the Prints and Drawing Department at the Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Frac Île-de-France and Daniel and Florence Guerlain.
He is represented by the Galerie Papillon (Paris).