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Le Prix de dessin de la Fondation d’art contemporain

Daniel et Florence Guerlain

In 2007, Florence and Daniel Guerlain decided to focus their efforts on their passion for drawing and founded the contemporary Drawing Prize.

Intended for artists using graphics as their main vehicle of expression, it sponsors three artists per year. Since 2010, the award ceremony has been held at the Parisian Salon du Dessin, an art fair reserved for ancient and modern drawings that attracts collectors, specialists and museums from across the globe, and gives rise to much discussion on the presentation and conservation of artworks on paper.

The winner receives an award of €15,000, while the two runners-up each receive an award of €5,000. In addition, a work by the winner is donated by the Foundation to the Prints and Drawings Department at the Musée National d’Art Moderne- Centre Pompidou.

Since it was launched, the Drawing Prize has been awarded to: Silvia Bächli, Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Catharina Van Eetvelde, Marcel Van Eeden, Jorinde Voigt, Susan Hefuna, Tomasz Kowalski, Jockum Nordström, Cameron Jamie and Ciprian Muresan.

The Drawing Prize is sponsored by “Le Cercle des Amis”, Neufize OBC, Guerlain, Artcurial, Axa Art, the Salon du Dessin, L’École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, Finance Consultants, Château Seguin and Champagne Bruno Paillard.

An exhibition of the works of these three artists will be shown at the Salon du Dessin which will run from 21 to 26 March 2018 at the Palais Brongniart, Place de la Bourse, Paris.

The jury will meet on 22 March 2017 at the Salon du Dessin and the winner will be announced on the same day.

The members of the jury are: Charles Asprey (Great Britain), Barbara and Gaetano Maccaferri (Italy), Laurent Mueller (Germany), Stephen Reily (the USA), Patrice Boissonnas, Laure Kaltenbach, Dominique Levy, Florence and Daniel Guerlain (France). The members of the committee are: Emmanuelle Brugerolles, curator in charge of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris collection, Gabrielle Salomon, collector, graduate of the École du Louvre, Paris, Jonas Storsve, curator of the Prints and Drawings Department at the Musée national d’Art Moderne-Centre Pompidou, Carel Van Tuyll, honorary curator, head of research at the Teylers Museum, Haarlem (Netherlands) and Florence and Daniel Guerlain.

Marie Maertens

Selected Artists - Drawing prize 2018

Daniel et Florence Guerlain